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OK Valley Learning, Professional Tutoring Service in the East Kootenay region. Cranbrook British Columbia, Cranbrook BC, Canada, Tutor.

Welcome to OK Valley Learning

Professional tutoring enterprise offering a variety of age specific services, programs and packages, available to those aged 90 days to 90 years.

Start learning from our experts

Start learning from our experts

Enhance your skills with us now

Enhance your skills with us now


Since 2009

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Rockin’ Marbles Program

A program for exercising the brain, keeping the MIND in shape and using Neuroplasticity concepts to improve neural connectivity. Specifically

Local. Natural. Organic. (L.N.O) Programs

Packages of six tutorials used to enhance the knowledge of the importance of water and natural processes available in a kitchen.

K.E.P.T. Service

A service to manage the navigation of class scheduling to enhance learning potential of prerequisites and sequential courses.

Brain Power Package

A package designed as a foundation for learning and change. Current information is relayed about all things brain related,

Performance Program

This premiere OVL program is for the dedicated client that has a talent that they are wanting, needing or wishing

Virtual Needs Program

When learning requires some extra help then questions can be sent electronically and learning can happen on-line and virtually through

OVL values holistic wellness and openness. Our goal is to co-create a balanced and grounded mind.

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Our professional tutoring services are available for home visits and at libraries. Other arrangements for public and private locations can be available and all requests will be considered.


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