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Time Frame: 

7 Tutorials


2 – 90+


$175.00 – $320.00


This package is offered with proprioceptive exercises. The Brain Power Package encompasses kinesthetic learning objectives. Using the five senses and combining their use within quadrants of our field-of-vision, areas of brain activity will open up by associating the five senses with their respective brain locations. Through a model of applied mathematics the student builds more dense neural connections to be able to see a brighter field-of-vision and learn to manage background noise. By remaining focused reading, writing and listening pathways are connected by developing the brain like other muscles. To keep muscles developing in a healthy manner they are required to be fed, exercised and rested. Learn the value of exercising the brain to support overall health with knowledge by witnessing how learning is simply an exercise like weight-lifting but with a different physical principle to overcome. Weight-lifting requires gravity to be overcome, learning requires the translation of gravity to the principle of potential energy.  Learn the applications of mathematics that support life and its growth through understanding how change happens based on the interactions of intrinsic and extrinsic physical properties. Learn how the knowledge of these vectors can assist our application of mathematical models to the walk of life for healthier choices for food and sleep. Clients will become familiar with the Integrated Listening System and Brain Gym exercises. Contact OK Valley Learning to find more power and output.