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Time Frame: 

1 Tutorial


All Ages


$n/a- $95 per appointment


After using this media to read about the layout of OVL Packages, the Service and OVL Programs clients will log-in their goals and record the structure of tutorials they choose. This is for use with planning the schedule and setting the paths for success of the client. OVL Programs provide structure and the client provides the goal for the learning. OVL Packages provide the goal and the client provides the structure for the learning. This consultation process has the capacity to unlock Programs or facilitate a learning experience. Each OVL program could have a Dogwood Diploma curricular-credit component for graduation,  be a contest submission or as an extra-curricular non-credit participation. Through the completion of a project with OVL the documented performance is the project completion. To begin keeping the educational paths clear and to make sure educational trails are laid-out contact OK Valley Learning to start local, natural and organic tutorials by the rock’n power of applied mathematics and science.