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Time Frame: 

8 Tutorials




$270.00 – $385.00


After a consultation eight tutorials are scheduled in a priority sequence to be complete within 30 days. The structure of the OVL Program models the effectiveness of octopus, spiders and fungi. Fungi can synthesize eight different organic acids to support the continued advance and development of their functioning biome. Spiders and octopus use eight appendages in different ways for many different survival skills . Using several strategies and applicable methods for broadening the horizon and narrowing the focus this OVL program guarantees to have benefits of ten percent, some clients have had 30%, bump in their achievement. The layers of meaning are the potential solutions available using exercises in several fields of view and multiple positions around the client. OVL shares the program for improved achievement through the evidence present by the potential of neutrality. Using the five senses with three directions and visual-focus exercises layers of knowledge are mapped with meaning. The potential for empowerment is the solution when choice is gifted and that provision of a gift is modelled and witnessed. By using sensory proprioception, broadening the field of application with visual-field exercises and the practical models of fungi, spiders and octopus visual support is woven in to the client’s development for fine-tuning the existing skills and focusing those skills for the task at hand. Contact OVL for an upgrade of a few layers with learning and see what gifts are laid-out by the potential of neutrality.