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Time Frame: 

6 Tutorials




$120.00 – $360.00


Local. Natural. Organic. Package One.

A package with six tutorials used to enhance the knowledge for the importance of water and natural processes available in a kitchen. This OVL package provides the goals for learning the chemistry and mathematics of a laboratory and translating those that can be applied in a kitchen. As this is an OVL package the structure for this package is the kitchen. The package allows for the student and their parent(s) or guardian(s) to provide input on the structure of the lessons. In this package students will learn how the chemical properties of water affect the health of the system that the water is a part of by witnessing the many connections it has with the walk of life. Learn techniques found in chemistry to develop healthier recipes and fun desserts. For example, water is a very important molecule and its properties are highly valuable for industrial purposes and also for the people’s health.  Learn to use a double-boiler to be able to melt chocolate, learn the value and the basics of sprouting seeds and see how temperature is very important to be able to use “spoiled” milk and convert it to yoghurt.  These are some of the possible Applied Science Activities that can be expected to be completed with students that learn with OK Valley Learning.

 Local. Natural. Organic. Package Two.

A second package with six tutorials is offered after Package One is completed with the topics of salinity and the example of recipes relate to preservatives and covers related topics through comprehending osmosis and the concept of potential pressure. The contrast of osmotic pressure to perform such feats as sauerkraut with saltwater rather than vinegar is compared to the visual demonstration of oils and their relationship with water and hyper-saline water. The potential differences of the three relationships observed with osmotic pressure will develop a deeper knowledge of the application of mathematics and chemistry to the walk of life.

 Local. Natural. Organic. Package Three.

A third package is offered after Package One is completed to advance the application of mathematics to the topic of Sprouting.  This third L.N.O. Package with OVL begins to develop the connections of food and soil. The connection of healthy food and healthy soil is connected to the hands of the client. Applications of math using live models is supported by the mechanism of seed germination.  The surface area and volume ratio is the concept applied to germinating and rinsing the sprouts to remain vibrant while they grow.  The nutritional value of eating live sprouts is transferred to the student to become knowledgable about the soil-food-web. Different sprouting mediums and methods are learned in this six tutorial package. 

Local. Natural. Organic. Package Four.

A fourth OVL Package with six tutorials will build from Package Two and explore the topic of fats and oils. The tutorials will explore the physical property differences between them and water. These differences will be discussed in-view of vitamin availability and specific health concerns. The discussions and topics have been laid-out and the applications will relate to difference uses of oils for dressings, dishes and the best way to prepare mushrooms. For the volume of the topic the direction leads toward the L.N.O. Package Six about soaps and cleaning up fats or oils.     

 Local. Natural. Organic. Package Five.

A fifth package is offered after Package Three is completed to advance the knowledge of the soil-food-web by connecting the soil transport mechanism to the recycling of coffee grinds by the primary action of fungal microorganisms. The second form of application to connect the student to the soil-food-web is by using an anaerobic composting system of Bokashi. This package explores four different microbiological machines that are available in these two forms of soil transport products. These products assist with the breakdown of different carbon-based materials for the benefit of the soil-food-web and developing deep connections from our kitchen, the laboratory, to the walk of Life.

Local. Natural. Organic. Package Six.

The sixth package of OVL’s L.N.O packages explores the concept of cleanliness through the performances of different cleaners. Beginning with traditional soaps for dishes and laundry the advanced client’s of OVL packages journey along the thin line of bio-chemistry and microbiology. Traditional soaps are the main example and the cleanliness of different materials is compared and contrasted with ammonium, vinegar, soap nuts, chlorine-based products, effective microorganisms and hot water. The methods for washing different materials are discussed and the context is analyzed for a deep grasp of what cleanliness could mean and how it could apply to the walk of life. A fun exploration with the boundaries for applications of science and mathematics by comparing the cleaning power of different methods, supplies and materials.

Local. Natural. Organic. Package Seven.

The seventh package offered through OK Valley Learning is about sauces and combines the different methods available to cook an egg. Learning about their substance and its application to sauces and baking. For instance what are the ingredients for mayonnaise and is the process and order of operations important? How are other sauces made? What sauces can be made in a kitchen? For each recipe there are strategies that are required to keep the recipe good and make sure it doesn’t fall into the bad category. Client’s learn to make homemade mayonnaise and chipotle to put on their crispy taters and fries. Cinnamon buns are made from scratch to the client’s wishes. There are a several ingredients explored and their combination determines what dessert or flavour appears. Become familiar with the deeper side of how recipes follow patterns and the application of the process of mathematics and principles of science to open up the fabulous world of sauces and the joy they can bring to a home.