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Time Frame: 

18 Tutorials




$360.00 – $810.00


Natural Classroom Program One.

This flagship OVL Program is offered as the case of evidence for the application of principles and process. This program is offered in the outdoor environment to develop the comprehension needed for the comparison of the built and natural environs. The application of mathematics and chemistry is strong but the concepts are simple and witnessed.  After the Nutritionality Program the application of the properties of water are highlighted in the outdoors. By revealing the connection of mathematical language with the walk of life the depth of material form is expanded. A simplification for material relationships, interactions with the elements and familiar design principles shows a connection between mathematical equations on paper and the witnessed contrast of the built and natural environs. This flagship OVL Program connects Collision Theory to Linear Algebra through the use and application of triangles, triangulation and knowledge of angles between bisecting lines, also known as direct interactions.  The relationships witnessed through the theories of triangles and angles is then applied to material interactions and simplified to interactions of the elements.

 Natural Classroom Program Two.

Combining the advanced learning of the L.N.O. Package Five and the completion of Natural Classroom Program One the student is going to apply the principles and processes to become proficient in basic research. A goal for this OVL Program is to translate the science and mathematics of an indoor fume-hood to the natural and competitive environment. The context of the application of the principles changes and requires a holistic or Holonocracy to govern the process.  Geometry is important and the value For-Life is the foundational axiom. This foundational axiom requires each of the variables to be valued For-Life. The set of variables is taken as the hardest variables, inclusive. The variables are related to light and darkness with shadows included. Another variable are the 7 Directions; up-down, left-right, or east-west, front-back or south-north and in. Each of these conditions state the requirements of the context.  Solutions to each context is provided through this exclusive OVL Program. The advanced materials program includes using Hemp Felt and Clinoptilolite along with fungal colonies and a variety of other microorganisms.

 Natural Classroom Program Three.

This advanced applied mathematics and science program tracks the student toward developing skills for soil remediation, water-course restoration and land reclamation. Overall, this program applies principles of mathematics to create a platform to connect abstract concepts from one field of study to another field of study.  This transition is performed through the simplification of materials relating to water and soil.  As a simplified mathematical model the application of knowledge is translated from the natural environment to the health of the student.  This is the closure of the knowledge loop for healthy food and healthy soil which is intersected with the choice for the walk of Life with built and natural environments.