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Time Frame: 

12 Tutorials




$300.00 – $540.00


A program that applies conceptions of wellness and nutrition to increase vitality and assist with greater focus and easier learning. The structure of this program is directed by OVL while the goals of the program can be directed by the client. The structure of the tutorials are divided by each theme and its application to nutrition and sustenance with theory, practise and application to complete the program in 12, twelve, tutorials. Examples of the goals for this program can be directed toward dietary restrictions, emotional-mental support, athletics, grade level or other directions. Hydration, vital amines and a mineral for vitality are topics that are applied to nutrition and sustenance. These topics and applications will be attached to the value of a food system for practice in the daily walk of life. The facilitator highlights observations through the journey of learning about hydration, vitamins and minerals that are grounded in mathematics and witnessed as patterns for building a broad base of principles by practising wellness. Learn the geometry and shape of the colon to see how the built environment contributes to some difficulties with constitutions and regularity because the fundamental principles of vector geometry present solutions and create issues when not correctly ordered in their operation.

Using visual exercises that claim command for both fields of vision has benefits for processing the complete set of data points witnessed through each of the five senses. A compare and contrast style presentation for brainstorming connects the themes of wellness and nutrition to the application of these visual exercises.  By bringing this contrast of the visual exercises to the walk of life and mapping that concept on to the themes of nutrition and wellness a transformation of the vital information can be applied to each client as they walk in life. Using the valuable knowledge from Dr. Gary Anaka, it can be observed that being efficient with our water consumption and smart with our breathing can assist us in making better choices, avoiding risky habits and overcoming difficult emotional and mental scenarios. Simple questions of how can we drink water correctly to stay hydrated? How does belly breathing affect our bodies can be answered using mathematics and chemistry. In this program we create the platform of knowledge to then apply that knowledge in the L.N.O Package and the Natural Classroom Program. What’s the solution? Contact OK Valley Learning through email or by phone.