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$145.00 – $5, 000.00


This premiere OVL program is for the dedicated client that has a talent that they are wanting, needing or wishing to develop. This OVL program opens the door of the learning structure and its goals. Examples are for sports, acting and drama or rocketry, radionics or exam writing. This program will support the client in achieving the next level whether the model is a personal trainer, life coach or career mentor. The program values learning, achievement and pushing boundaries for success. With a thorough vision process, creating a well laid-out plan with  commitment for the success of the plan and seeing the process through for a client’s success, success is earned for the client by transforming the vision from one field-of-view to another. Following the geometry of vectors taken from the visioning process as words and translating them to mathematical equations with graphics, as drawings of the words, the process follows the sequential order provided directly by the geometry for guaranteed success. Enter the process for getting to the next level with OK Valley Learning by using the phone or email contact.