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Time Frame: 

4 Hours




$160.00 – $320.00


Combining the Nutritionality Program and Brain Power Package this OVL Program advances the use of Brain Gym exercises in four tutorials. The exercises connect areas of the brain directly to specific movements with marbles, crayons, pencils or other material.  Over the series of tutorials a client’s neural connections grow and the client witnesses their own brain development through the advancement of each exercise.  These safe and straight-forward exercises are great for each age.  These exercises are simple and reasonably priced to reflect the short duration for lasting affects by applying fun movements to support brain development. For example, consider marbles rotated in each hand, both forward and backward. When practiced advances in cognitive development are noticeable, through training muscles to perform a simple task in a particular location in two-directions, and sections within the brain benefit. This program will enhance a client’s emotional condition of state as they witness their ability to rotate marbles in their hand. Skill development arrives with muscle development. Witness to this achievement through an improved ability can result in the improvement of mental acuity.